Sustainability Transformations Strategist

From Inner Transition to Collective Change

I work with leaders and impact-driven organisations to anticipate, communicate and prepare for a more sustainable future.

Uncertain times are here

We are living in challenging and disruptive times, particularly concerning the environment. Climate change poses a significant threat, with rising temperatures, extreme weather events, and disruptions to ecosystems impacting communities worldwide. Loss of biodiversity, deforestation, and pollution further exacerbate environmental crises, jeopardizing the delicate balance of our planet. These challenges demand urgent and collective action to mitigate their effects and safeguard the Earth for future generations. The ongoing depletion of natural resources and the accelerated rate of environmental degradation underscore the need for innovative solutions and sustainable practices. The disruptions we face serve as a stark reminder that our current trajectory is unsustainable, urging us to reevaluate our relationship with the environment and implement meaningful changes to ensure a more resilient and harmonious coexistence with the planet.

Facing the Future

Let's face the future together

Sustainability is no longer an option but an imperative; transformation has to permeate all aspects of organisations in order for meaningful change to occur. To meet these goals, there is an increasing need to embed sustainability across your organisational strategy and direction.

Through leveraging a powerful combination of transformative communications, deep sustainability expertise, strategic foresight, future visioning and conscious leadership, my purpose is to help you reimagine your sustainability agenda, position your brand as a sustainability leader and equip you with the knowledge and tools that not only scale and deliver lasting impact but that also inspire behaviour change.

How I get you to where you need to be

Deep sustainability

I'm a total sustainability geek with 25+ years of skilled experience to match. By leveraging my deep sustainability expertise in environmental policy and economics, climate and nature-based solutions, green finance and sustainable food systems, I make sure that you are walking the sustainability talk whilst optimising your impact.

Transformative communications

Transformative communications - both creative and strategic - brings your strategic intent alive and scales your impact. From target audience mapping, to building out and aligning your purpose and your communications strategies with your organisational direction, to tailored strategic messaging that help you communicate authentically to the world, I make sure you are not a sustainability follower, but a leader.

Strategic foresight & Futures strategy

I am a trained strategic foresight and future thinking specialist which helps me bring the future and innovation into your current strategic endevours. Through spotting and sensemaking future trends and then building out differnt scenarios relevant to your organisations, I help you develop a clearer vision for the future with a road map to get there.

Conscious leadership

As a human connection enthusiast, conscious living advocate and self-practictioner, I equip leaders with the tools, resources and capabilities that are required to drive the change needed in the world. From develeloping authentic communications, building curiosity, self-awareness practice, deep questioning, active listening and creative problem-solving, I infuse a deeper meaning to your work.

High-level examples of my work

Diagnosing and sensemaking
Strategic communications
Visioning for the future
Creative communications
Deep sustainability
Conscious leadership

Some of my happy clients

My journey


Sustainability has always been my passion and my purpose. After studying the ‘socks off it’ at University with three degrees (BSc, MSc and PhD) under my belt, I then ventured across four different continents over 15 years accumulating essential experience, from the jungles of Tanzania, the reefs of Indonesia, the cloudforests of Ecuador to the protected areas of Costa Rica and Panama, the shores of Lake Geneva and the Mekong Delta in Vietnam and Cambodia.

Thanks to my technical background and applied multi-sectoral international experience, combined with my thirst for creativity using an array of mediums and my desire to inspire change and deliver lasting and sustainable impact across different audiences, today my focus is geared towards offering clients a delicate blend of well grounded yet creatively crafted sustainability strategies and communications that provide direction and drive that all important behaviour change.

I collaborate with organizations at the international, regional, national and grassroots level - from the United Nations to Governments, Development Banks, NGOs as well as small and medium enterprises - working on all different facets of sustainability. I also have an awesome network of video producers, designers and other trend researchers that I work with regularly to help me create beautiful and impactful deliverables.

You can see my dedicated writing and strategic communications work here in my portfolio.


Drop me a line if you’d like to collaborate with me on your projects or simply chat over a coffee.

My home base is the Netherlands, although I work globally with teams across Europe, the UK, Australia, Asia, the US as well as in Africa.