I am a sustainability strategist and communications specialist.

I work with government organisations, NGOs and the private sector to create meaningful content and robust strategies that help to instigate impactful change.

My purpose

I am a 21st century change maker that works with thought leaders to help bring about and inspire the necessary change in your sustainability initiatives to ensure long lasting impact. From story telling, to user and trend research to sustainability action planning and strategy making, my purpose is to help you connect the dots and help you rethink the system circularly, set mindful sustainability agendas, raise awareness and better communicate your sustainability objectives and mobilise the change that's needed.

My offer


Digging Deep: Understand the challenge

  • Scope and scan
  • Research - audience mapping, interviews, personal observations, document analyses, future thinking, trend spotting
  • Diagnostics and establishing needs and priorities
Light bulb

Getting Creative: Develop ideas, visions and strategies

  • Co-create with the client
  • Visualize, ideate & innovate
  • Build strategy & design content for any platform

Delivering Impact: Instigate the change

  • Storytelling and communication
  • Provide roll out guidance
  • Stakeholder engagement for maximum outreach

Cross Checking: Monitor progress & Maintain quality

  • Sustainability reporting
  • Ongoing editorial and strategic support from copy editing new text to strategic communications guidance

My passions

Messaging for Sustainability

Storytelling for Sustainability

Crafting messages that matter and creating stories with impact to help my clients communicate to the world their exciting journey towards sustainability.

Visioning the Future

Visioning the Future

Looking at future trends in the sustainability realm and how this can impact on organization’s trajectories, product designs and service delivery.

Creating an Impact

Making an Impact

Making sustainability relevant in such a way that generates positive impact and creates behaviour change amongst a range of audiences.

Getting Creative

Getting creative

Thinking out of the box and applying different methods to get the best answers that solve sustainability problems now and for the future, even if that requires a bit of ping pong to get the juices flowing :)

A snapshot of some of the projects I have worked on

Some of the clients I deliver for

My journey



Sustainability has always been my passion and my purpose. After studying the ‘socks off it’ at University with three degrees (BSc, MSc and PhD) under my belt, I then ventured across four different continents over 15 years accumulating essential experience, from the jungles of Tanzania, the reefs of Indonesia, the cloudforests of Ecuador to the protected areas of Costa Rica and Panama, the shores of Lake Geneva and the Mekong Delta in Vietnam and Cambodia.


Thanks to my technical background and applied multi-sectoral international experience, combined with my thirst for creativity using an array of mediums and my desire to inspire change and deliver lasting and sustainable impact across different audiences, today my focus is geared towards offering clients a delicate blend of well grounded yet creatively crafted sustainability strategies and communications that provide direction and drive that all important behaviour change.

With whom?

I collaborate with organizations at the international, regional, national and grassroots level - from the United Nations to Governments, Development Banks, NGOs as well as small and medium enterprises - working on all different facets of sustainability. I also have an awesome network of video producers, designers and other trend researchers that I work with regularly to help me create beautiful and impactful deliverables.

You can see my dedicated writing and strategic communications work here in my portfolio.


Drop me a line if you’d like to collaborate with me on your projects or simply chat over a coffee.

I live in Amsterdam but spend a lot of my time travelling around Europe particularly to and from the U.K., Switzerland and Spain. I also spend time in Phnom Penh in Cambodia.